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Jumbo Operator - Boston Shaker



Position Summary


This role is to operate jumbo drilling rigs, mine materials and install ground support according to quality specifications. They are responsible for quality and quantity of machined excavations in accordance with mine layouts and survey directions.


Responsibilities include: 

  • Face markups in accordance with geological and survey specifications
  • Drilling of all blast holes required for safe and efficient underground development to proceed
  • Installation of all ground support required for safe and efficient underground development to proceed
  • Mechanical scaling as required
  • Complete daily planned inspection reports correctly and report all exceptions to standards and directions
  • Install all ground support, except for cable bolts and shotcrete
  • Sink the main access declines and open up the new stopping areas
  • Install mine services when required
  • Minimise secondary breakage and over break
  • Be proactive with specific role requirements relating to the mining cycle, ensuring minimal operational downtime


  • Operate machine in competent manner without causing damage to equipment
  • Ensure work is done correctly the first time to the acceptable standard so there is no rework
Health, Safety and Risk
  • Complete pre-start checks
  • Attend and participate in PSI and safety meetings
  • Complete Mac 5’s and be involved in the development of JSEA’s when required
  • Inspect work area and equipment for hazards, damage and defects prior to commencing work
  • Ensure individual compliance with all relevant legislation, codes of practice, Macmahon and Client instructions, policies, procedures and practices


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