Excavator Operator

Job Responsibilities

Health, Safety and Risk

  • Complete pre-start checks
  • Attend and participate in PSI and safety meetings
  • Complete Mac 5’s and be involved in the development of JSEA’s when required
  • Inspect work area and equipment for hazards, damage and defects prior to commencing work
  • Ensure individual compliance with all relevant Legislation, Codes of Practice, Macmahon and Client instructions, policies, procedures and practices
  • Safe and efficient operation of excavators as directed
  • Maintain excavator in a neat and tidy condition at all times


  • Ensure all relevant documents are submitted efficiently and accurately on time for processing
  • Communicate to dump truck operators ore and waste movements
  • Record all shift report data correctly and on time (i.e. delays, locations, directions, etc.)
  • Scaling as required
  • Operate in a manner that protects the ore body to maximise recovery, minimise dilution and ore loss
  • Must be able and prepared to operate other mobile plant when required (e.g. Dozers, Loaders, Dump Trucks, Graders)
  • Dig to floor levels and keep clean floors
  • Scale Batters
  • Understand and dig to flitch maps
  • Understand and implement appropriate dig methods when digging in ore and waste to maximise proficiency
  • Able and willing to conduct other tasks when required
  • Single, Double Bench, Top Load Trucks and Drop cuts
  • Communicate to Dump Truck Operators ore and waste movements through MiiNT


  • Operate machine in competent manner without causing damage to equipment
  • Ensure work is done correctly the first time to the acceptable standard so there is no rework

Team Contribution

  • Personally adhere to all relevant policies and procedures, and support employees and contractors to also comply
  • Communicate with truck drivers and other subordinates to coordinate operations